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Sponsoren des DL2005

Karl Braun
Kubach & Klings

Some statistics

4958. day post
registered: 69
from 9 (Bundes)-Ländern
men: 59
women: 10
Youngest man 1980
Eldest man 1936
Youngest Woman 1971
Eldest woman 1940
Shortest stage 51.2km
Longest stage 92.9km
Ø stage 70km




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Ingo’s book

Cover von Ingos Buch
Das Buch über meine "Weltreise" als Passagier auf einem Frachtschiff ist fertig. Es kann bei Interesse bei mir oder beim Engelsdorfer-Verlag bestellt werden. Es kostet 18 Euro und auf 126 Seiten kann man mein 49-tägiges Seefahrtabenteuer nachvollziehen. Es ist mit über 65 Fotos bespikt, wovon 30 Bilder in Farbe sind. Es ist ein Handbuch für Nachahmer! ISBN 978-3-95488-492-6.

Cover von Ingos Buch Ingos Erfahrungen als Organisator des „TE-FR 2012. Das Buch hat 205 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-95488-207-6. Preis: 12 Euro. Alle Bücher können beim "Engelsdorfer-Verlag" bestellt werden. Gern können die Bücher auch bei Ingo direkt bestellt werden und er schreibt eine Widmung hinein. Cover von Ingos Buch ingosbuchText3
ingosbuchText4Cover von Ingos Buch

Ingo Schulze, our organiser & RD wrote a book about his experience with the 2003 TEFR.
The book is available at: Engelsdorfer Verlagsgesellschaft with the ISBN-Nr 978-3-86703-437-1 for the price of Euros 15.95.Title: „Transeuropalauf 2003“ However you can order it directly from Ingo with the addition of postage. You also can request his autograph and a short appropriate paragraph. [order]


This web site has mostly been translated into English. Especially the Participant Rules and Regulations were translated with much care so they are equal to the German text.

The translation of most pages into other languages is planned. However the main emphasis will be on the navigation. There will be NO translation of the participation rules & regulation.

Most of the translation is done by Jürgen Ankenbrand.

Run accross Germany - Deutschlandlauf 2005

September 12th to September 28th of 2005
1200  km from
  Kap Arkona - Rügen



Route book


Information on the route

The Schulzes and the Bartelmanns have in September 2004 re measured the entire course. The result is available in a very detailed route description for EVERY stage. In addition I have used the software of our sponsor „Magic Maps“ to establish a detailed route-map with elevation index. The oversight map of the route was made available to us from the firm „Intermap“. Based on the changes that were made by Joachim during the 2005 event, were brought up to date on a recent recognisance. These are incorporated in the available route descriptions but not into the profile and the maps. [more]

Start list of DL2005

By clicking on the text on line with a participant name you will see the detailed info on that runner.You’ll see data, speed and placement of the runner. [more]







Participant's short characterisation and statistics


Comparison of speed and placement

With the graphics it will be possible to compare average speeds and placement between 2 runners. [more]

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